Podium Advantage

Stop juggling the dirty dozen

For small rooms, prefab bathroom pods have the ability to generate a huge amount of grief as they involve the juggling of up to a dozen trades. With Podium Pods you save procurement time and money by having one contractor, one point of contact from start to finish, one source, one delivery and one invoice. Won over yet?

Podium. The winning position.

Podium Pods put your prefab bathroom project in a winning position by taking bathroom construction offsite. Gone are the logistical headaches of co-ordinating multiple trades and materials. Instead, your custom-designed, quality inspected bathrooms arrive fully finished and ready to be installed. Three hours connection time per pod and they’re good to go.

Bathrooms that give you a win for your budget
Co-ordination of trades to one point of contact and material planning and procurement makes for a faster return on investment, supply chain advantages, logistical savings and reduced material and labour costs on your prefab bathroom.

A win for your schedule
With two construction sites operating at the same time – one onsite, one offsite – the build time of your prefab bathroom is significantly reduced.

A win for the environment
Factory manufacturing is far more sustainable than onsite construction, with waste rates of 1.5% versus 7% for traditional methods. With waste easier to collect and recycle in a factory setting, overall impact on the environment is reduced by at least 40%.

A win for quality
All prefab bathroom pods are constructed in Podium’s state-of-the-art factory in Henderson, Western Australia. A consistent working environment and strict quality control ensures a perfectly finished product.

A win for experience
Podium Pods is a part of the McNally Group, modular construction specialists with over 25 years of experience that you can’t beat.