The Process

Step 1: Design

Every type of modular bathroom pod comes with its own set of considerations. For luxury apartments, it’s all about the ‘wow’ factor. With hospitals, bathroom accessibility and ease of cleaning are key essentials to consider when designing the bathroom pods.

We then build a prototype of your bathroom pod for your approval. Once you are completely happy with it, the prototype acts as the template for the remaining bathrooms, ensuring unrivalled consistency and quality of build.

Using BIM software, we then precisely calculate the materials needed to eliminate wastage. These specifications are then fed directly into our steel fabrication machines, for maximum accuracy and efficiency.

Our access to a global network of suppliers, and the ability to warehouse all materials pre-construction, ensures a smooth supply chain with no hiccups or delays when building your bathroom pods in Australia.

Step 2: Manufacture

Podium Pods are line manufactured at our custom designed facility in Henderson, Western Australia, where we have the capacity to produce up to 100 bathrooms pods in WA per week.

Every bathroom pod is tested at every stage of production and can only move to the next stage upon certification. All plumbing is pressure tested and wiring electrically tested, following Inspection Test Point (ITP) procedures. We also welcome your own inspectors throughout the build.

This methodical, production line approach ensures all bathrooms are built to schedule in a consistent working environment. Unlike a traditional onsite build, quality is never compromised or corners cut, in an attempt to make up for trade or material delays. Slips ups and mistakes don’t get a chance to snowball.

Upon completion, each bathroom pod in WA is packaged for transportation. Each pod arrives with its own documentation, certifying it has passed all of the test points in Podium Pods stringent QA process.

Step 3: Delivery and Installation

Podium Pods are specifically engineered to withstand transportation and installation. Each bathroom pod is built around a reinforced steel stud frame to reduce movement. Our experience in pod construction shines through in little details like making sure to allow a small tolerance in the tiling junctions, enabling them to move independently so they arrive in perfect condition.

When you give the go ahead, the bathroom pods are delivered to your site and lifted and wheeled into place. Floor tolerances are incorporated into each pod so it sits flush with the adjoining flooring.

As Podium Pods arrive fully finished, deliveries to site are dramatically reduced. With up to 90% less vehicle movement onsite, your work site is safer, quieter and cleaner.

Not only do Podium Pods save on construction costs and time, but because they’re manufactured in Western Australia you’ll also save on transport costs and delivery times.

Contact us today for more information about our bathroom pod process by calling Podium Pods on (08) 9437 4333